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The Study Program Search lets you search for books covered under different study programs such as Accelerated Reader and Reading Counts. You can choose which Program, Interest Code, Reading Level, and Subject for which you are searching. For Interest Code, Reading Level, and Point Count, you can enter a range of numbers if you are not sure exactly which number you are looking for: Reading Level can go from 0 to 99.9, and Point Count can go from 0 to 9999.9. If you don't fill in some of the fields, they will be ignored during the search.
Program Name
The 'Interest Level' you are looking for.
Interest Code
The Reading Level of the book. (0 to 99.9)
Reading Level from Ending with:
How many points the book is worth. (0 to 9999.9)
Point Count from Ending with:
The subject you want to find a book about.
Anything else you want to be in the book.
Other Words